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Textbook Rental FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:   Are all textbooks available for rent?
A:   Only certain titles are available for rent both online and in-store.

Q:   How do I find what is available for rent?
A:   In-store purchases: Look for the "Rent this Textbook" shelf tag insert. This indicates that a title is available for rent. Both new and used copies can be rented. 
A:   Online purchases: When searching for the books for your classes, if one of your books is available for rent, it will appear as an option along with new and used copies.  Select it and proceed to checkout as usual.

Q:   Great! How do I get started?
A:   In-store rentals: Simply select your rental book off the shelf, bring it to the register, and tell the cashier you would like to rent the book.  You will need (1) a photo ID, (2) your student ID number, and (3) a credit card. You do not need to rent the book with a credit card, but you do not need provide the credit card information in case the rental book is not returned. 

A:   Online purchases: You must have a verifiable student ID to rent. IMPORTANT: Read the rental agreement then click the box indicating you agree to the terms of the rental agreement. Online rental books will be available for pick up approximately 1 week before classes start.

Q:   How long can I keep the book?
A:   The book must be returned by the current semester due date (Summer semester - last day of class. Spring and Fall semesters - last day of finals).  If the book is not returned on time in saleable condition, then you will be charged the difference between a new book and the rental price and/or a hold may be put on your student account.

Q:  How much does it cost to rent a textbook?
A:   This varies book to book, but this is a very affordable option. 

Q: What is my responsibility when renting a textbook? Can I return it in any condition?
A: It is the renter's responsibility to keep the book safe from loss or damage. This means that the book must come back to us in resaleable condition (no water damage, missing pages, tears, etc., and a limited amount of highlighting, underlining, or marking).  Books returned in damaged condition may not be accepted and or fees/charges may apply. Think carefully before renting. If you feel that you cannot keep the book in good condition, you may want to purchase the book instead.   

Q:   When I return my rental book, will I get any money back?
A:   No.  This is a rental.  The rental fee is not a deposit. The rental fee you pay is the cost you pay to rent the book, the book itself remains the property of the SRJC Bookstore.  Renting books is similar to renting a car or renting a DVD - the fee is for the use of the textbook for the specified time period.  

Q:   Where do I return my rental books?
A:   Rental books must be returned at the same store where they were rented.

Q:   What happens if I don't return the book at all?
A:   Your credit card on file may be charged for the full price of a new textbook and/or a hold may be placed on your student account. 


If you have questions about policy relating to your particular situation, it is important that you consult Drina Ochoa only. You assume the risk of relying on information from other students or faculty members because the information may be inaccurate. Drina Ochoa Textbook Coordinator, can be reached by email at